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I am Darkness,
I am Light.
I am Blindness,
And I am Sight.

I am the crunch beneath the stones;
I am the fat between your bones.

I am Stillness,
I am Sound.
I am Kindness,
And I am found.

I am the truth in every lie;
I am the joy in sorrow’s cry.

I am Simplicity,
I am Greed.
I am Timidity,
I am the Seed.

I am a fraud among the thieves;
I am wrought from fallen leaves.

I am Hunger,
I am Pain.
I am younger,
And I am slain.

I am magic, still more real;
I am the breaker of the seal.

I am the Mountain,
I am the Sea.
I am the Fountain,
And I am free.

I am the ploughman in the field;
I am the warrior behind the shield.

I am Fire,
I am Space.
I am dire,
And I am Grace.

I am the breath in every soul;
I am the fragment of the Whole.

I am Wonder,
I am the Year.
I am yonder,
And I am here.

I’m in the age of fallen gloom;
I am the mage of sudden doom.

I am Winter,
I am Me.
I am the Splinter
In every knee.

I am the fortress, crumbling tower;
I am the meadow, laughing flower.

I am Frostbite,
I am Heat.
I am the Fortnight,
And I do bleed.

I am the shingle on the roof;
I am the gap in every proof.

I am Heartache,
I am bound.
I am Snowflake,
And I am Ground.

I am the keyhole in the door;
I am the dust on wooden floor.

I am Breath,
I am Need.
I am Death,
And I am Creed.

I am the touch on loving skin;
I am the god amidst all sin.

Love I am,
I am her Call:
I simply Am.
That’s All.