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Thought’s shape shifting stories
May bewitch your morning glories.
Listen to them closely though:
Beware of what your fear will show.

Their torment, even their carress
Will haunt you nonetheless.
They blind you, make you see
Your bonds and set you free.

They wash over you so that
Your senses rise prickling and wet.
Like the tide they come and go;
What will last? – I do not know.

Although they might shine golden,
Your heart will slowly colden.
More than precious they become
And all freedom is undone.

Watch them closely passing by
Like gentle breezes of a sigh.
Touch them ever slightly, but!
The door falls quickly shut.

Wrapped in this suffocating sheet
Until your soul shall start to bleed,
Wandering in the trap of greed,
If you fail to take my heed.

Within this rollercoaster storm
All is lost but empty form.
Battered, shaken, torn and broken,
Desert’s stare shall be your token.

A fist of iron, feel their grip,
Afraid to let your essence slip.
Anxious, nagging doubts aflare,
Open the eye, aware! aware!

Or become imprisoned in your shell
Behind the fence of dark mind’s cell.
Nothing less, you know damn well,
Lies in that screaming world of Hell.

Open the eye, awake! awake!
For your divinity’s at stake.
„Who am I in the stellar flow?“
Be glad and say: „I do not know.“

Just rest and be, ’is all you need.
Root the tree in timeless speed.
Bridge the gap between all space,
Loose the map and feel the grace.

Drop your mind into the heart,
And black night of soul will part.
Alight and smile, no need to worry,
’Cause in the end – it’s just a story.