Seite wählen

When mining workers humbly meet
They arise from below their feet.
Dear corporates, take good care
`Cause our might is bright aflare!

Miners from around the globe,
Gather under this great hope!
In Peru and India stirs the seed;
I wash my hands from my own greed.

Guitar sounds amidst free voices,
Staying true to our own choices.
Chai and Dosa in the morning light,
Dust carresses clogged sight.

Auto-rickshaws flutter like a bee,
Thirteen children wave at me.
The bleak sun hotly bites and stings
But holy cows think of other things.

Breakfast at the corner of the street
Heals my bitten, wounded feet.
Resolutions do not bother me a bit,
Seduced and lost do I here sit

By dark-brown eyes and touching hands
And haunting songs by any chance.
A Kingfisher soothes my old veins,
My mind through darkened tunnels strains.

Hindi, Fred and Telugu,
Pretty donations coming through.
A new world shall be our home;
Indian time defeats old Rome.

Saris play their joyful game,
No cash sir, what a shame.
Horns enchant my peaceful sleep;
Love for Masala makes me weep.

Do we know each other, pray?
Puri and Chutney on my tray.
One lakh selfies, or just ten –
But first of all: who are you then?

Laptops chatter, pencils howl.
My stomach heaves a painful growl.
My pants too warm, oh sweating but(t):
Wobbling heads tickle my gut.

The day of judgement oh so dear,
Push it back and shed no tear.
Don‘t loose patience out of sight!
Even mosquitos work at night.

Listen closely, water will amend
Or fever sickness shall be your friend.
Most precious value is to wait
And the locals greatest trait.

Proudly do we raise our hands
And break the chains of our own lands!
Loudly thunders miners‘ song,
To wish good luck is never wrong.

Hear us sing, oh
Watch us march!
Feel our tears
And taste our wrath!

This – is how we unite.
This! is how we fight!