Seite wählen

A play of twitching words
Appears like singing birds:
Growing, swelling, ever moving –
Dwindling, fainting, softly soothing.

Chaotic it may seem,
Like a broken sungod’s beam
When it hits a crystal sphere
And bursts into a million tear.

Your mind can never grasp;
How should he be quick enough!
To catch the skillful wasp,
To quench her flickering laugh.

Your Heart though it may seem,
Kindred to such brilliance,
Unleashes its own radiance
Without design or scheme.

Then you shall begin to hear,
Eternal music staunch your fear.
It whispers shy and gently: „Friend,
Help me build Tomorrow Land.“

’Tis lay of Earthen sound
From blue sky to solid ground
Seems like a flock of singing birds,
Playing – with its words.