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Love falls in for Hate,
Chance is gambling with her Fate.
War’s then tearing into Peace;
The dices – never cease.

Good embraces Evil lost;
Or what say you, Father Frost?
Joy undone by gnawing Sorrow;
Man the watch!, for demons follow.

Morrow’s Day improves the Night,
But white winter keeps you tight
Through Life and until Death;
When shall I draw my final breath?

Will you give just one drop dire
To quench the raging fire!
I am so tired of this Game:
Can none other take my blame?

Tired am I to the bones,
My wretched Soul forever moans.
All I want is Truth and Peace,
Over mountains, under seas.

My eyes are stumbling blind;
How could I ever find
Their cruel, eternal Light,
That shines so badly bright?

Even all the stars combined,
Within countless realms enshrined,
Melt away, will be undone
Like a candle in the Sun.

Mirrors shattered, thrown apart:
Is it in my welling Heart
Or through the rising skies above,
This One and All, infinite Love?