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Is it not, what the Universe does?
Is it not – quite like us?

There the Cosmos goes along,
Oblivious to what is wrong.

Or, for that matter, right:
Better hold and keep it tight!

Cause by looking at the world
Will it come
to be unfurled.

Go, and tell her what she is
For she wants Eternal Bliss!

And her child shall be our mirror;
Brings us closer, makes it dearer.

When our feelings are laid bare
Will we at last become aware,

Through eyes owned by the Hidden One
Who lures us on, into the

First, we’re saplings, clumsy small,
But soon we flourish, rising tall!

And while we learn about ourselves
Putting worlds upon our shelves,

And dance and sing,
And cry and spring,

Forever ’till the Day grows long,
And even Night will end her song,

We shall make a raging fuss!
That is – what the Universe does.