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Moral bombs attack!
Cannot leave my body’s wreck,
Lying wasted, burnt and black;
There will be no turning back.

Cities perish in the storm
Of fire, heat and splinters.
Warfare changed its rotten form
In those cursed winters.

Gentlemen like Mister Heston
Have never seen Coventry or Dresden,
Have never been to raped Iraque;
Such is their luck.

All the glory withered, faded,
Human kind becomes degraded
To cold-blooded equations
And bold-clustered correlations.

Put a number on his head!
Three hundred thousand dead,
Deprived of their eternal bed:
A better feast for crow and rat.

The efficiency of killing,
The profit of life-spilling
Wrenches at my reeling gut
Like an open, searing cut.

Mankind’s left upon dead trees
In seas of blood up to our knees,
We look down into our mirror fond,
Marching forth upon command.

Straying under Darwin’s spell,
Shall we be nothing more?,
Than clever animals that dwell
Aeons away – from any lore.

Humanity’s amiss!
And like a gothic hiss
Lays souls in ruins this
Fate’s hated, deadly kiss.