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I walk the stars beneath the void,
A million years has been destroyed.
Watch out for me with eyes unseen
To where no thought has ever been.

Gained countless worlds for my own sake,
A poisoned gift, dead in its wake.
Bound am I by Time and Space,
Put doubt and fear in Heaven’s place.

I did not know, I was mistaken! –
And from bad dreams I shall awaken.
Children of Mind, never leave your source,
That illusion must vanish by primal force.

Existence, though blissful it may seem,
Is just an image, fading in a dream.
Suns consumed, I rise and fall
Until I submit to its loving call.

Early divorce, pressing oceans to explode;
Run I swiftly from my dreadful load
Of pain and suffering, pray uncertainty,
Drowned almost I in red calamity.

Dust and matter, galaxy and stars,
While storms of twilight render scars.
Wisdom blurred by mist and shadows,
Cognition mounts her lonely gallows.

Our Universe will never stop to grow
Until I rest – and then I know…
My common senses fail to find
That which has always been inside my mind.

What shapes and forms can never tell,
Is that there is no burning Hell:
That which was never fit to break
Will ever and forever be at stake.