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Ash and Dust forever must
Sit on our Twilight’s throne.
Mound and Sleep, forever deep,
Grind over Dead Man’s bone.

Dew and Morn’, forever born
Must from the Darkness flee.
Time and Wind forever sinned
Against the One to be.

Thrush and Bird will give us word
Of things which yet may come.
Mist and Air forever share
Grey-silver moonlight fair.

Leaf and Bud drink Cosmic blood
And graze in sunlit fields.
Hearth and Stone forever moan
The cold that winter yields.

Earth and Sky, forever my,
Form the stage for our play.
In between, forever keen,
The Child goes on to pray.

Soul and Thought, forever caught
In agony of wisdom past.
Flesh and Spirit forever will it
As long as Life can last.

Courage and Song forever long
To loose their fear, their pain.
Land and Beast forever feast
Upon those that war has slain.

Glory’s light forever might
Shape the paths of humankind.
Snake and river forever slither
Into the Ocean, sunken mind.

Hands and feet forever bleed
By the toil of our guilt.
Heart and Crown, forever down,
Until their Love shall build

A House that stands the test of Time;
Until their vibrant Love is filled
With Love poured into Love sublime
And all the realms and wastes are spilled.