Seite wählen

I know a place that feels like home
Where cats and souls secretly roam;
Open arms and hearts embrace
Each and every backpack‘s trace.

Feathered serpents guard the place,
At Fibonacci‘s snail I oddly gaze.
You don‘t need to look for Higher Grace,
She‘s right there, smiling at your face.

Jamming guitars on coloured pillows,
Moaning tigers like lonely willows,
Crackling fire seduces our skin
Though true warmth comes from within.

Tibetan flags call for decency and peace,
But too many hippies make me sneeze.
Task of the day: be calm and groovy;
And shall we watch another movie?

Crazy sisters giggle, jump and dance;
If you come close, dare take your chance.
Two is enough, imagine three!
Laughing at the world to be.

The boys stay rather cool and quiet
Like steady rocks within a riot.
Two principles combined in love;
Ancient spirits smile up above.

Loose your thoughts, oh let your burden fall,
Proud Mayan girl with feathers tall.
Take a breath and ease your back
Onto fat man‘s heaving bellysack.

Chitchat in early morning glory land,
A cup of coffee slips into my hand.
Almost it seems like sacred sermon;
Oh I see, you‘re also German!

Chopping knives and flying saucers;
Where did I leave my dirty trousers?
Why to cook, I cannot fathom still,
Buddha chuckles at my dinner‘s bill.

Tingling bells tease Pinyata‘s happy state
For Christmas Eve concludes its fate.
Staring at screens, how rapt we look!
„I do not care“, sais my sullen book.

Why go outside? The glaring sky!
Rather deal my cards, oh my…
Also, I don‘t want to break my neck,
Fickle sidewalks try to twist your back.

Sucked into this cosy house
Under Ganesha‘s solemn brows.
Extend a night, why should you not?
Many would die to share your lot.

When all is said and done
Join the Yogis in the sun.
Listen to their funny stories,
But I do not know this Boris.

One fine day, ’tis chapter shall be over –
It must feel like getting sober.
As I watch the flames, they slowly die…
You‘re in my heart, no need to sigh.