Seite wählen

I watch the skies, the blackness yonder:
What is up there, I wonder?
only me, I am up there;
nd down here and everywhere.

Beneath the shrouds, my own poor Self
Among the clouds,
back in the shelf.
Sweet Infinity and more
hind each day and shore.

Star Moon Dust, the All that is,
In Love and joy, eternal bliss.
From its well new worlds unfold,
Their dazzling stories yet untold.

Light with Darkness in between,
Where Thought and Form has always been.
Sacred music spiral showers,
Hidden colour boldly towers.

Piece and word at last combined:
For ever
is their life entwined.
Do not seek
but dare to look
Between the lines in your old book.

Theres more to that wistful sigh
Than meets
our lazy, cruel eye:
Exhausted spectacle, delectable;
Your path becomes the obstacle.

Where shall we meet, I do not know;
Just plant a seed and let it grow.
Countless withered realms emerge
To follow their eternal surge.

For Truth is what we seek
Throughout ages, every week.
Truth so far away and dear,
Yet within us hard and clear.

Dances and sings in darkest hour,
rupting like a pregnant flower!
So be still,
have patience little seed,
feel the void in every street.