Seite wählen

Tell me, can the crawlers fly,
And pidgeons into oceans dive?
At child’s command its parents cry;
How two and two makes five.

Show me how the waters burn,
While fire keeps the heat outside.
Even lines that fickly turn;
How beggars wear their shame with pride.

How does the wheel fit in a corner,
Can orange sparks outshine the sun?
Loved ones death
consoles the mourner;
How Day and Night
will be undone.

Explain to me how trees grow small,
And sand flows up the
ed hush breaks mountain wall;
sight escapes the tower.

Tell me, does the torrent drown,
Like silent music in my ear?
The dwarf puts on a Giant’s crown;
Love gives in to Fear.

Show me how the teardrop dries,
And diamonds swallow light.
Shadow and mists reveal disguise;
How severed string pulls on the kite.

How may the empty void be seen,
Will true mates lead the mutiny?
Black and White emerge from Green;
How joy keeps sorrow company.

Explain to me how clouds brighten the day,
And circles fall on their back.
Stubborn mirrors paint our body’s clay
ile abundance feeds on lack.

When Time is later comes too soon,
snails outrun the sparrow.
Drunken rainbow jumps over moon;
How the sky
still gets too narrow?

Tell me how the wind stays still,
A spec
k of dust outweighs the world.
Dried up river turns the mill;
Our last secret
lies unfurled.

On such a day the deserts bloom,
On such a day we drink the seas.
When fate forfeits its own sweet doom,
And earth and stars return in peace.