Seite wählen

Falling waters rumble,
Forlorn droplets tumble.
Liquid curtain veils the rock
All around immortal clock.

Ever pushed into the vale,
Every ripple tells a tale.
Stone knows it is here to stay
But gets eaten up, away.

Giggling bubbles drifting down
In their perfect sparkle-gown;
Quickly burst into the air,
Their memory was shining fair.

Angry renegades briskly fly
Like a comet through the sky.
Buzzing midges eat my skin,
The veil is growing thin.

Frenzy follows stillness calms,
Curing souls like fiery balms.
Leaf drops into gentle wave,
The water keeps its secret safe.

Light is dancing, mirror sweet,
Earth’s open veins shall bleed.
Wooden stick floats on the wet,
Happy with its rocking bed.

Bush and bramble swaying slow,
Thirsty boughs come bending low.
Green grows over pebble grey,
Grasping mosses holding sway.

Easy thoughts, they fly and soar;
Soon the pull will make them roar.
A lazy fish awaits his meal
And binds the river to the deal.

The water changes, always fits:
Its W
hole is made of same whole bits.